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  • L K Moorthi


From childhood I had been fascinated with images. I had a box camera when I was young with a limited budget for buying film. My attempts with the box camera maybe influenced my uncle, who gave me his SLR camera.In fact TWO! One Yashica and the other a Pentax.

Around 1985 the camera did help me pay some part of the tuition fee and the canteen expenses. One famous cinematographer allowed me to take still shots during indoor shoots. The camera helped me to understand the real life behind the reel life. Made some friends in the cinema fraternity.

Came 1991, I lost my cameras as well as the synchronized flash units and the works along with the car in which we were traveling. More than the cameras and the kits, my wife lost a lot of her prized possessions along with the car.It brought the curtains to a fairly long experiments with the lens.

By 2001, the digital era had dawned and I bought an aim and shoot digital camera. I was thrilled, for, I did not have to visit the labs to the get the output! Slowly, one thing led to another and I ended up with a Nikon professional DSLR camera. I now tread the long lost roads of my earlier clicking days! Compared to my earlier days, when I used to think twice before exposing the film to the light, now I only worry about the space in the memory card! I click almost everything. what ever catches my eye, I try to picture and see if the scene was etched properly on the media.

My love for dogs is as strong as my passion for photography. My favorite breed is the Doberman. I like the ripple of the muscles as it cuts through the wind, its spectacular aerodynamic body skimming against the glowing sunset. This one scene has been my favorite. I have clicked a lot of snaps of my Dob, Rocky. Earlier I had a Snoopy and then a Blacky, all Dobermans! The expression on their faces conveyed a thousand words.

I understand dog behavior and know the best time to take their snaps. Generally, the snaps turn out the true temperament of the breed. This Dec 31st, 2012, when I took a retirement from my job, I thought, why not make my passion for pet photography into a commercial alternative? With that in mind, I quickly hosted a web site This way, I can see different dogs and enjoy their characteristics as well.

Now, let me wait and see how the picture draws out to be!

Cheers! LK



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