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To click or not to click!

That is the question. My clicking finger had never been this busy for the past couple of years. Spinning the dials on my rugged DSLR and pressing the trigger had never been this much fun in my life! The negatives became positives instantly. The light in the room was forgotten while  working on my LightRoom (Adobe software). The more my fingers clicked on my DSLR, the more my fingers twitched working on the LightRoom. There was nothing stopping me. I wanted to excel and master the light. And, photography is nothing but capturing the light.


My passion and fascination for photography made me hungry for more knowledge. It was like moving from “Doing and Knowing” to “Knowing and Doing”. The change was phenomenal. I could start to understand the subtle elements in photography, which I had failed to notice earlier.

The opportunities to do some photo shoots in India opened up bigger avenues. I was back to where and when I had started this journey, way back in the 80’s! Today, it is like a new beginning. New technologies to help me with my passion; but, the basics remain the same – then and even now. The science of light will never change. Only that new frequencies in the light spectrum are opening up. Tungsten light, moved on to fluorescent lights, to flash lights, to LED lights.

One thing I have learned over the years is that, if you want to master a subject, prepare to talk about it to a group of professionals in the field. That will challenge you to go over each and every minute detail of the subject before you can talk to a group of learned people. Following the same logic, I started to talk about photography and lighting to like-minded and professional groups.Social Media exposure helped to reach a larger audience.  Started following great photographers, their works and learning their techniques. Started to perfect a unique style – a signature style for my photographs. Thus evolved SnapppZ; my venture into professional photography.


How quickly or how fast I can scale up in this field depends on the right opportunities and the right exposure.

The shutter speed and the f-stops do matter.

I need to take images that flatter.

Attract the audience who are smarter.

Make their hearts beat a little faster.

At the same time make my wallet a bit fatter 🙂


L K Moorthi

#fashionphotography #Photography

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